Friday, May 13, 2011

Chapter 9

Yames and the waitress head out the dinner and in to the dark streets of Watershed Heights. They walk in silence for awhile letting the darkness overtake them, and then the waitress mentions that it seems particularly dark this night. They begin to look around an realize that the power has gone out across the city. Walking down Maple Street toward the fountain they begin to see a sea of people and animals flocking towards the dinner that they had just left. Amongst the crowd there was a general murmur of talk about pie. The people looked like zombies heading toward the dinner. Yames and the waitress continued toward the fountain pushing through the crowd.
Neither of them spoke not about what was currently happening nor why they were where they were. They knew that there were no easy answers to why they were where they were. No one choose to live in watershed heights. You simply end up here one day, and then you are stuck.
Yames and the waitress take a seat on the fountain. He looks over at the waitress and realizes that she is no longer their. There is nothing their, but the concrete rim of the fountain that he is sitting on. He wonders, "I'm not surprised. Had she ever been there. Have I ever been with her." He puts these thoughts to rest. He knows that there are no answers. No answers. "I am crazy. No. I am normal. Watershed Heights is crazy." Looking back at the crowd of people he feels assured in his new hypothesis. "I am done with this place. I am going to the mountains. No more of this place. I am going right now."
His head drops between his knees and his body is lifeless. This night has become the most time in his life. The importance could be felt all around in the darkness. Even the air was different. It smelled of pie. Sweet, sweet pie.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 8

The waitress brings out a plate of eggs n' toast for Yames while he waits. It wasn't time for breakfast, but something abou the food seemed comforting. He looked down at the two yellow eggs, like eyes they were staring right at him. He saw his reflection in them and for the first time realized much he had changed in the last week. He could not tell if it was simply the distortion of his reflection in the eggs or something real, but he looked different. He looked like the person that you see on the street and avoid.
He takes the knife from the table and stabs at the yolk instantly deflating the reflection. His stomach was in knots, but he thought that some food might help. The eggs were too much to handle though. He grabbed for the toast and crunched into it. The dinner had begun to fill, but Yames felt alone.
"What had he just done? Asking that woman to help me. She must be sure that I am crazy. Am I crazy? She is prolly phoning the police right now. Should I run, stay and eat, wait for her?"
Yames looked around for the waitress. She was standing by the spinning display of cake. She looks over and their eyes meet. She walks over toward him. Yames is surprised. When she reaches him she tells him that they can leave now. Yames looks at her without saying anything, and they begin to walk toward the door.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter 7

Yames said bye to the waitress, who was now walking to another table with a late night meal for someone, and made his way out of the diner He stepped out side and saw the dingy black motorcycle parked next to the diner, "Must belong to the guy inside," he thought. There was a blue bandanna tied to the handle bars of the bike. Yames had started to become worried at the amount of blue object he had encountered in the last 48 hours. "Have I always seen surrounded by this much blue? Why have I been noticing it so much recently? What had happened the other night when I woke up in my bed with the cuts?" Yames was at a loss. His stomach felt empty from the coffee. He walked back to the apartment. It was now 2:30 a.m. and no one else was out on the streets.
Yames awoke to the jarring sound of a football announcer screaming into his microphone while the Falcons made a touch down. He looked up at his celling in disbelieve, "How could anyone listen to their television that loud." His body is soar and he does not feel rested. Then it occurred to him, "What time is it!" He look over at the clock it was 12 p.m. we was supposed to be at work four hours ago. He races out of the bed and begins to run towards the shower. While he shuts the bathroom door he catches another glimpse of the clock. It was indeed 12:03 p.m., but the clock said saturday. "How can that be? Yesterday was Monday so today is Tuesday." He begins to run a fever. "Whats has happened to the last week!" He looks in the mirror and sees it. He has a large blue triangle tattooed across his chest. He smashes the mirror in a fit of rage. Knuckles bloody he returns to his room for some pants and a shirt.
He runs out side almost being hit by a man on a motorcycle. Someone had mindlessly parked their car in the middle of the parking lot. He runs all the way to Dina's praying the whole time that waitress would be there. He opens the door and sees that she is indeed there taking some ones order. She looked up at him in a startled manner.
She and Yames had known each other for a while, but they were not the kind of friends that went to each other in their time of need. When she looked up Yames realized, "What am i doing? Storming in here?" This does not stop him though he runs over to her.
"We have to go. I need to talk to you."
"What? What are you talking about I am at work. Can't we talk later?"
"No. Look I need help. I think I need help. You are the ONLY person i know please come with me."
The people at the booth look at Yames like hw is some kind of junkie high out of his mind. The waitress agres to come, but she would need to go back and let Dina know. She was not sure that she knew what she was doing, but something in her told her that she had to go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 6

After work Yames headed to Dina's. Once a week he always found him self over at Dina's. He never made a conscious decision to go there, but for the past few years it had become a habit. He sits down in on of he booths by the windows and looks out at late night Watershed. Today was his late day at work. He was responsible for making sure that all the reds came through, and he had to separate out the occasional blue. He looked out the window still wondering about what had happened to him. He could no explain the bumps and scrapes on his body, the cold sweat, the woman in blue on the train, or the man from the news paper.
The waitress came over, called him darling. He ordered a coke and lit his cigarette. He slouched down in the booth and began to think. He couldn't connect any of the events.
The waitress walked back bye. She refiled his coke and sat back down with him for her smoke break. No one else was there so she was in no rush. She lit her special had rolled cigarettes for as long as he can remember she had been smoking those. The ones with blue filters. He liked her. She was one person that he knew. They weren't really firends, but they had perty much had conversations weekly for the last two years.
"What are those scrapes on your arms?"
He slowly brushed his sleeves down and told some lie about getting hurt on the job. He couldn't say that he didn't know. How strange would that be. Who does not remember getting scraps the size of bannas on their arms. She only half believed him, but she let it go. Someone else walked in the door, and she had to go take care of him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapter 5

Yames looks up. He felt as if the entire carnival was staring into him. The man in the blue robe was there. Staring. Yames was now the freak. He was the man in the blue robe. He pushed through the crowd running as fast as he had ever run before. He was sweaty. It was winter. everyone was closing in around him. All he wants to do is escape this place. "I am the man in blue," he screams. In his haste he knocks into the carnivals fire breather. The carni stumbles and blows a ball of red fire into the food trailer causing a massive grease fire.


Yames wakes up in his bed. His sheets stuck to his body from his sweat. He notices that he is slightly sore, but he can think of no explanation why. He puts on some pants and makes his rounds to his neighbors doors to look for any forgotten news papers. He grabs on from the same neighbor that received Bonsai Weekly. He went back to his room, and sat down to the paper. On the front page was a story about a massive grease fire at the Watershed Heights Carnival. He thought for a while and wondered why there would be a Carnival in Watershed Heights. The story was accompanied by a picture of what looked like a savage man running through. He could not recognize the man any better than he could recognize anyone. He flipped through the rest of the paper, but nothing caught his attention. He had to get ready for work.


On his way home he sees a woman in blue. He feels a shutter down his spine. The woman looks excited to see him. She immediately walks over to him and says that what he did was amazing. He has no idea what she is talking about, but her blue hat is really beging to unnerve him. All he can think about when he sees it is that guy down at the park who wears a blues robe, and pretends he is a wizard.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter 4

James stays in for the rest of the day. The rain was here and there was no point in going out. He looked around for the issue of Bonsai Weekly that he took from one of the other tenants. He thumbed through it for an hour then closed his eyes.
The subtle blue light began to creep through the windows the next morning. He ignored this que and rolled over and kept on sleeping. "It's sunday. No need in waking up." Three or so hours passed and finally he made a move to get up. He moseyed toward the shower, and his morning routine had begun. With his coffee he read an article entitled
Why the Earth Is Not Like a Pot
. He had no intrest in bonsai trees or even gardening, but ever since the T.V. went out he had been picking up any literature he could. In the back of the magazine there was an add for a city carnival. "Why would a carnival ever come to Watershed Heights? There are no kids here. Well actually I might go. Am I the reason that the carnival came to Watershed Heights?" He sipped the last drop off coffee and moved towards the door. He was going to the carnival.
The carnival is set-up in the vacant lot between the animal shelter and the old cinema not far from Yames' house. He straps on his boots and walks out the door. When he shows up to the carnival he is shocked by sea of people in attendance. As he walks around he sees faces that he wants to think are familiar, but he knows that they are not. "I need to meet some people," Yames thinks to him self and slightly mumbles under his breath. "Look at me. Talking to my self. This is getting real. I becoming that man in the park. The man that wears the blues robe, and conjures spells on people. I am lonely. I dont want to meet people. I want to meet people. What should I do?"
Yames looks up and a crowed has gathered around him staring.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter 3

It’s mid-day now, and Yames is heading for the door of Dina’s Dinner. He was satisfied. Food is satisfying. He was still curious about what was happening back at the house; between his upstairs neighbors. You never really knew with them. Always something.

He walked down Kush Lane, “What a lame street name.” he thought, toward the auto shop. He was going to meet up with his friend Kenny. Kenny and Yames had been child hood friends and it was not until last year that they had become reacquainted. Now Yames had a routine of going over to see how business was on his day off. Yames continued toward the shop at a leisurely pace. Dina’s had a special power of slowing you down a little after you had eaten there. He look up at the sky. Clouds seemed to be moving in. They sort of looked like mountains; the same mountains he dreams about.

He gives the door to the shop a tug. Locked. “Strange,” he thought, “I am pretty sure that Kenny said that he would be here. Well actually he did not say that, but he never did. He is simply always here.” Yames Tried the door again. Still locked. He thinks about giving a knock, but he know it is in vain. The door would be unlocked if he was there. Yames looks back to the sky; the clouds seem to be moving in very quickly. The clouds were dark, not mean or anything, but rain was on the way.

Yames gets a move on he knows that know one is here. All of the sudden two cop cars and and ambulance come barreling by heading towards Watershed Heights. Yames is unmoved. After years of living in a place like this one gets used to the noise. As Watershed Heights comes into view Yames sees the flashing lights of the ambulance and a few cop cars out side. A mass of people crowd the entrance. Yames picks up the pace. He is interested. Is that bad? Once Yames gets to the mob the rain clouds have turned this day dark. Someone is dead. “I already knew that.” He walks past the mob. As he is walking in his eyes meet with someone in the hall. He has seen him before in the apartments, but he seemed to stand out know even in the chaos. But, as soon as Yames realized the connection had been made the person rolled their eyes and moved on.